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Orthopedics Hyperguide is growing and starts more new initiatives in Europe

The Orthopedics Hyperguide was established in 1997 by the global editor specialicing in medicine, SLACK Inc., the publisher of Orthopedics Today, Orthopedics Today International and Orthopedics. The Orthopedics Hyperguide developed into a worldwide leading internet-based learning tool for orthopaedics and is being accessed regularly by orthopaedists from more than 180 countries.

The Hyperguide consists of ten learning units: adults orthopaedics, basic science, surgery on the foot or the ankle, hand surgery, orthobiologics & pharmacologics, children’s orthopaedic, spinal surgery, sports medicine, trauma and tumour. Within each unit surgeons can use different learning modalities such as tutorials, online presentations and examination questions and therewith obtain access to the latest original contents.

Because the Hyperguide grew more famous, its publishing house did as well. In July 2005 SLACK Inc. founded a new Spin Off company that deals with all projects connected to the medical continuing education. This Spin Off company is Vindico Medical Education and it is now responsible for the development and administration of contents for the Hyperguide. Recently SLACK Inc. started a consulting firm for internet- and information technology with the name Red Dog Informatics that is responsible for the management of all technical matters and the project management linked to the Hyperguide series.

The success of the Orthopedics Hyperguide is based on the outstanding medical direction and a strong workforce. For surgeons in North America and the Asian Pacific area there are currently two customised educational experiences with user-related Homepages available. Two chief medical editors manage the North American Edition, Professor Frank Frassica (Chairman, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Robert A. Robinson, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, The Johns Hopkins Hospital; Professor of Oncology, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baltimore, Maryland) und Professor Robert D’Ambrosia, MD (Chairman, Department of Orthopedics, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado). The Homepage for the Asian Pacific area is run by Professor Kwok-Sui Leung, MD (Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hongkong), who is at the same time also chairman of the advisory board for the Asian area.

One of the greatest strengths of the Orthopedics Hyperguide is its content and its authenticity. The Hyperguide offers all surgeons in the USA Education Credits for constant medical training and is involved in programmes for the continuous medical training in several other countries. Currently the Orthopedics Hyperguide is promoted as an official learning tool by 25 national and orthopaedic associations.

Building on the success and the high-value content the newest and most interesting development for the Orthopedics Hyperguide is the introduction of a European website. This new homepage is available since September 2007 and was designed specifically for European surgeons.

European surgeons played a big role as contributors as well as readers since the beginning. Now European users can access a unique, customized portal that grants them access to content of the current worldwide Hyperguide as well as to contents, which are specifically for European surgeons.

This new page has been developed under the administration of Professor Dr. Rainer Kotz (General Hospital Vienna, Medical University Vienna, Hospital for Orthopedics, Vienna, Austria). Professor Kotz is the chairman of the Orthopedics Hyperguide European Regional Advisory Board and member of the Global Advisory Board, the executive committee that is assigned with the administration on the highest level and vision for this project. Professor Kotz included the whole European Regional Advisory Board to assist in the development of the new website. Furthermore the multi-national composition of the board enables prospective growth on a wide range of orthopaedic expertise. Due to the excellent work of the whole European Regional Advisory Board this new page offers European surgeons a comprehensive and high-quality service.

The next addition to the European expert groups will be a pilot programme, which offers functions such as assessments and certifications for German orthopaedic surgeons. Currently US-American surgeons can use the Hyperguide for Continuing Medical Education Credits. This programme will function as a test platform for the extension of similar possibilities in Europe.

Another very important and interesting addition will be European podcasts. These Podcasts will be accessible to all registered users of the Orthopedics Hyperguide and will offer conversations and statements from some of the leading orthopaedic surgeons in Europe. Furthermore podcasts will be provided in several different languages

The Hyperguide will be promoted by Stryker. However Stryker won’t have any influence on the content, management or operating business of the Hyperguide. Stryker has supported the Hyperguide from day one and without their support the webpage would not be possible. The straightforward, long-term commitment for worldwide orthopaedic education enabled the vast development of this valuable unique source of information during the past ten years.

The content and the functions for all Hyperguides improve daily. Please visit the newest addition, the European Orthopedics Hyperguide at www.ortho.hyperguides.com/ohg_europe/default.asp and discover what the Hyperguide has to offer. European surgeon interested in submitting a particular content for the Hyperguide, should notice, that there are guidelines, information for authors and application forms at disposal.
Please contact Christine Lenggenhager at Vindico Medical Education at clenggenhager@vindicomeded.com for further information.
Jon Schafer, Vice President und Director of Operations, RedDog INFORMATICS, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA, E-Mail: jschafer@reddoginfo.com

Orthopedics HyperguideTM – certified advanced internet-based training

Orthopedics Hyperguide had been introduced as a new and exceptional example for the usage of electronic media for advanced educational training in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology. German physicians can gain up to ten educational points.

An Independent and Universal Educational Portal

For more than 10 years the Orthopedics HyperguideTM is known as an internet-based substantial source of information especially in the English speaking parts of the world, which was developed by surgeons for surgeons. With more than 150.000 registered users in the world the Orthopedics Hyperguide developed into one of the leading sources of information in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology. Everything that is published in the orthopedics HyperguideTM is validated by internationally renowned experienced orthopaedic and trauma surgeons. The page gets updated at least once a month.

Orthopedics HyperguideTM – an established webpage

  • more than 150.000 users worldwide
  • specialized for orthopaedists and trauma surgeons
  • approximately 35.000 visitors on the e-learning platform a month
  • more than 20 % growth in users over the past 8 years
  • recommended by most European associations as a specialist training and continuing education tool

The usage of the Orthopedics HypoerguideTM is free of charge for surgeons. This is enabled by an unaffiliated financial support by the company Stryker. Strict inspections by ACCME in the USA and yearly examinations as well as the composition of the supervisory committee guarantee the commercial free independence of the content of teaching. That is why the Orthopedics HyperguideTM is acknowledged by members of more than 20 associations as an official learning tool. These associations include national associations (most European orthopaedic associations support this e-learning platform) as well as international associations like EFORT and SICOT.

The content

The system comprises specialized knowledge on more than 50.000 printed pages. The content is for one thing divided into branches (overall 10 modules, including children’s orthopaedic, basis knowledge, tumour-, hand- and trauma surgery) and for another thing divided according to the kind of transfer of knowledge. As per the transfer of knowledge it is divided into:

  1. Online lectures - multimedia presentations which are being handed in by doctors or recorded at scientific events
  2. Tutorials - comparable to textbook chapters to a topic with illustrations
  3. Knowledge test a database with more than 3.000 answers and questions, all with credentials and bibliographies
  4. Videos - for example especially surgical techniques
  5. Case demonstrations - the case of the month
  6. Podcasts - presentations, which can be loaded up to a MP3 player or an iPod

All contributions are written by experts on the perspective field and have been reviewed by independent peers.

Access to the German section of the Orthopedics HyperguideTM

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the webpage www.ortho.hyperguides.com and sign in.
  2. Click on the interactive map in the upper left corner and chose “Europe”.
  3. In the European section you click on the blue CME Banner at the bottom.
  4. Read the disclaimer and accept it.
  5. Chose one of the available learning tools.
  6. Go through the programme including the tests.
  7. After meeting the above mentioned criteria (at least 50% right answers, at least 30 min. working time) you will receive a certificate, which you will have to send in if possible electronically to the EDV department of the medical association Mecklenburg Western Pomeranian.
  8. Print out the certificate. Your data will not be saved automatically.


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